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098. Read.Look.Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.

image still from  Robot Skiing

image still from Robot Skiing

READ. // "If funniness is an implement of power, women deserve access to it, too." The Atlantic takes a good look at why society doesn't like funny women, and how it's become a social norm in which violators are punished.

LOOK. // As robots continue their terrifying ascent to super-human agility, this robotic skiing competition, which is not an official event at this year’s Olympics, is for puny humans like ourselves who want to feel superior while we can.

DRINK. // Barley Brown's Pallet Jack IPA
I needed to take the edge off after my day job brought me out to Boise, Idaho. Several Power Point presentations, software demos, and breakout sessions later, I wandered downtown from brewery to taproom and found myself at Bittercreek Alehouse staring down a beer menu. An Oregon brewery? An IPA with no mention of hazy? This straightforward, citrusy delight brought me back to center. Plus, it was fucking delicious with a spicy lamb burger.

READ. // "Stung by a reputation as gentrification’s outriders, craft breweries are trying to bring in more women, working-class people and people with disabilities to both drink beers – and make them." For The Guardian, Will Hawkes looks at how craft beer is trying to become more inclusive, and speaks to some of the influencers who are ushering in this change.

LOOK. // These pixel-art tributes to some of my favorite TV shows by Gustavo Viselner are great. Enjoy, but take caution: spoilers lie ahead. And no one likes spoilers.

DRINK. // Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co.'s Generation IPA
Beatnikz Republic is one of Manchester's newest breweries, and it's one that's managed to stand out in a competitive brewing city home to some of the UK's most discerning drinkers. Generation IPA is a sticky, resinous, and dank tribute to America's West Coast IPAs. I can't get enough of it.

READ. // "You start out as a pathetic dreamer; you take off on an adventure where the odds are stacked against you." Author Anosh Irani's poetic musings on the joys and struggles of novel writing are relevant to anyone embarking on an ambitious personal project. Oh, and they have something deeper to say about the human condition, too.

LOOK. // Photographer Maisie Cousins has a way of summoning beauty, disgust, and curiosity all at once in her lurid shots, which often feature close-ups of half-eaten plates of food, flowers, and bodies. The photos coming out of her latest trip to Colombia are dark, entrancing stuff, adeptly mingling vacation snapshots with encroaching rot.

DRINK. // Burnt Mill Brewery's Dank Mode
Dank Mode is the latest Double IPA from the acclaimed Burnt Mill, and is a collaboration with the folks at California's Fieldwork Brewing Co. It's less dank and more malt-driven, with a bronze hue and a delectable hint of honeyed apricot. It wears its slight sweetness well, and I gulped my can far more quickly than intended.

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