Good Beer Hunting


131. Read. Look. Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH Collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.


READ. // Kiese Laymon is the truth. Read this profile, then read the essay “How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America” (which is linked within), then buy his new book.

LOOK. // I'm a little bit obsessed with Gritty, the wild-eyed, completely ridiculous mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers. Maybe this thread will help you start your obsession.

DRINK. // Three Taverns Craft Brewery's Third Age
Listen, I wasn't kidding in that recent Fervent Few weekly topic. Right now, I'm sitting on my porch on the eastside of Atlanta, I-20 is humming in front of me, Future is blasting from a speaker behind me, the temperature is a positively ~crisp~ 60 degrees, and this sherry-barrel-aged Old Ale is ticking each and every single one of the boxes.

READ. // “When they do not fade, or until they fade,” writes Erika Luckert in a paper mapping the desire lines of the Canadian city of Edmonton, “[they] serve not only as paths, but also as historical records.” Though often hidden in plain sight, desire paths are infinitely more interesting than a mere scuff in the dirt, as explored in this charming piece.

LOOK. // Chris Wainwright's eerie “Red Ice - White Ice” series, which uses red or white flash to illuminate icebergs in the Arctic Circle by night, seems ever more poignant nearly 10 years on. Is it mere documentary photography, or will it serve as a chilling memorial?

DRINK. // Duration Brewing’s Turtles All the Way Down
Duration Brewing has been around for a short while, collaborating with a swath of British breweries over the past two years. Turtles All The Way Down, with its sibling Bet The Farm, are the first two beers that Bates and Miranda, the two co-founders, have brewed solely under Duration's banner, however. This American Pale Ale has simple excellence in spades, and the level of bitterness for which I've been yearning.

READ. // “People who like it generally agree that it is very, very sweet; people who dislike it seem to want to consign it to a lower circle of hell.” Vox investigates once for all whether or not “Satan’s earwax” is good, bad, or disgusting.

LOOK. // Jessica Campbell is a Canadian-born artist who uses drawings, comics, and textiles to highlight the everyday experiences of women in the 21st century. From politics to sci-fi to art, she has a way with subtlety and satire that makes for the perfect quick-chuckle-while-browsing.

DRINK. // Hopewell Brewing’s Off-Black Schwarzbier
I drink gallons of Hopewell’s First Lager, which is why I was excited when, during a recent visit, I saw Off-Black, their chocolate-malt-added version of it. You get all of the tasty notes of a damn good Lager, with just enough roasty malts to remind you that winter is coming—much to my chagrin.

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