Good Beer Hunting


095. Read.Look.Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.

image still from " Ways of Something " by Lorna Mills

image still from "Ways of Something" by Lorna Mills

READ. // "Young writers should remember: nothing is wasted. A story you write that doesn’t get published, or even that genuinely sucks, is as 'wasted' as any practice mile run by a track star. If you’re young, and you’re not Rimbaud, you’re not as good yet as you need to be to express what’s in you, but you can already feel it there, and even intuit its shape at moments. What you need is more doing of the thing. Even a discouraging editor can give you that, by pissing you off and putting you back to work." John Jeremiah Sullivan is the motherfucking realest.

LOOK. // Ravioli is a special cat, and that's why he needs a bath. His dad, meanwhile, is also in the bath—rapping about it.

DRINK. // Firestone Walker Brewing Company's Pivo Pils
It's my platonic ideal of beers. Smooth, easy, low-ABV, imminently crushable. One day in Retirement Austin's future, I'll have a vending machine filled with Pivo Pils in my living room. Kerchunk. That's what it'll sound like as another Pivo lands at the bottom of the machine. I'll grab the can and head to the porch. That, my friends, is The Good Life.

READ. // "Discovery in a world already largely discovered is a truly modern concern." As travel becomes easier and easier, and globalization continues its spread, Andy Crouch laments the loss of geographical, diverse, local brewing traditions around the globe.

LOOK. // If you know me, you know I love BBQ almost as much as I love beer. Photographer Robert Jacob Lerma captures the people within—and the moments of—world-class BBQ. His work makes me hungry for more.

DRINK. // Oxbow Beer/Half Acre Brewing Company's Double Daisy Farmer
This collab combines the best of both worlds. A slightly tweaked wort recipe of Half Acre's Double Daisy Cutter gets the farmhouse treatment from Oxbow's mixed-house cultures. Oh, and then it's dry-hopped and conditioned with Brett. Complex and simple, it's an elegant, hoppy offering from two of my all-time favorites.

READ. // "Here is a man so deep in a thought experiment, he doesn’t understand that how you think doesn’t excuse how you live." The Muse examines how James Franco used queer identity as a tactic in defusing alleged transgressions and abuse.

LOOK. // Compiled by Lorna Mills, Ways of Something is a take on John Berger's BBC Documentary Ways of Seeing. A four-part series, the remake serves up little bits of all things internet: animals, boobs, pizza, and the general nonsense that always seems to go viral.

DRINK. // O'Fallon Brewery's Bottlehouse Brown
When ordering a beer after playing hockey and depleting your body of all hydration, the last thing you tend to think of is a Brown Ale. But I threw caution to the wind one a recent night as I rested my post-game bones at O'Fallon Brewing. I'll be damned if this smooth, chocolatey brew didn't tick off every that-hit-the-spot box.

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