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071. Read.Look.Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.

"Auroral Crown" by  Yulia Zhulikova

"Auroral Crown" by Yulia Zhulikova

READ. // "These days, it’s getting harder to separate the large-adult-son meme—one of the few reliably good things on the Internet—from the larger hellscape of adult-male behavior in which we all live." This Jia Tolentino piece about how "large adult sons" has gone from funny-weirdo meme to bummertown reality is essential reading for these fucked up times we live in.

LOOK. // Come for the moment Action Bronson makes Jimmy Fallon uncomfortable when it's time to "look at the art." Stay for the rest of one of the most vital and invigorating musical performances to grace network television in recent years. "I'm sorry for cursing so much!"

DRINK. // Wild Heaven Beer's To Dan!
This Coconut Double India Pale Ale—a collaboration with Cigar City, Max Lager's, and MAZURT—was brewed in memory of MAZURT co-founder and Atlanta beer scene mainstay, Dan Rosen. Much like the man it's named after, it's a weird, fun, pleasant, extroverted thing—boozy, but not grating. RIP, Dan.

READ. // "Having to pull out your phone and Google certain brands that are on tap to find out what is this brand all about." Bud Light uses an educational message to assert brand identity in its new round of advertisements.

LOOK. // The finalists for this year's Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year are a breathtaking reminder of how small we are.

DRINK. // Drake's Brewing Company's Aroma Therapy
Brewers are stainless steel janitors, artists and engineers all in one, and often more. It's the latter that really works here with an 11% Double IPA that hides its booze with ease. Resinous and piney, share a bottle with friends. Or at least set aside an afternoon for yourself.

READ. // "Undertones of sexism are rife in Manchester's beer scene, according to those working within it - which threatens to undermine progress made towards equality." This problem is certainly not restricted to Manchester, but this case study by Lucy Lovell is a great example of why one of the beer industry's elephants in the room should not be ignored.

LOOK. // This "Find Me" series of illustrations by Won Hye Min are great. I wanna join that little pooch on its adventures. 

DRINK. // Brew By Numbers' Double IPA
The latest iteration of Brew By Numbers Double IPA uses punchy Citra and juicy Ella hops to great effect, with a clean American yeast making sure that this hazy, heady beer is all about the hops. For my money this stands up there with the best hazy, modern IPA that America currently has to offer.

READ. // "I was a happy dishwasher,” says Bourdain. The job was the first time I went home proud of myself after a day’s work, the first time I wanted the respect and worked for the respect of others." I washed dishes at two separate places in high school, a catering company and a brewpub. Those jobs led directly to my love of food and drink, but also, practical lessons of teamwork, and the importance of lending a hand when the person next to you is in over their head.

LOOK. // It's rough out there. Lisa Strömbeck's project "In Bed" doesn't solve any of those problems, but reminds you that some things, like dogs, are still pretty good.

DRINK. // Central State Brewing's Garden
As the days are starting to shorten, and the shadows get longer, this Leipziger-style Gose with lemon peel is a goddamn can of pure, unadulterated sunshine.

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