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060. Read.Look.Drink

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.

image by  Blair Pattinson

READ. // "You cannot see. You can only wait." I love reading stuff that teaches me about the food of my city. Guess I need to head downtown and have some yogurt.

LOOK. // These classic photos of rap stars like Chuck D, OutKast, Jay Z, and the RZA are delightful. I would've clicked through dozens more pages.

DRINK. // Creature Comforts Brewing Company's The Curious No. 2
When GBH superfan Vince Pelligri told us he'd be spending a few days in Atlanta, I figured it was only proper to extend some hospitality to the San Franciscan. So we sat on my porch and cracked open a few bangers from the Southeast and the Bay Area. This 2014 rarity was the best of the bunch, IMHO. All pineapple, kiwi, and tasty Brett, it poured so nicely on a rainy afternoon.

READ. // “That’s not cultural misappropriation, that’s just stupidity.” This piece highlights some eye-popping examples of racist stereotypes used to market restaurants in Australia. Sadly, these aren't the only examples around the country.

LOOK. // Often the only traffic you encounter on New Zealand's country roads is a herd of sheep accompanied by a lone farmer and his dogs. If you encounter one while on the run from the police, you probably have a difficult choice. Blair Pattinson was the winner of this year's "Canon Media Awards: Best News Photo."

DRINK. // Red Hill Brewery's Harvest Ale
Red Hill Brewery is family-owned, small, and unassuming. Hidden away in rural Australia, about an hour's drive from Melbourne, they brew mostly traditional styles and they brew them well. They also grow their own hops and each year release a harvest ale. This year it was based on an English Bitter and used Willamette and Goldings hops. The rounded malt flavor is toffee-like and smooth while the fresh hops give an upfront white pepper hit and a green bitterness.

READ. // It's easy to scoff at "hipsters" and "Millenials" as entitled, inexperienced citizens who need too much attention. But what if their expectations aren't rooted in money and fame, but instead they feel entitled to a sort of dignity in their lives and workplaces that the previous generations simply didn't feel was possible? Shit rolls down hill, as they say. And maybe Millenials are saying that's rolled far enough.

LOOK. // The story of Locol is a compelling one as chef Daniel Patterson works to bring high-quality eating to "food deserts." But the images in this piece by Sasha Arutyunova make that story visceral, showing a restaurant that's part fast food, part soup kitchen, and entirely welcoming on both sides of the table.

DRINK. // Propolis Brewing's Kriek
This Flemish-style Brett ale carries the flavor of fleshy, rich black-cherry fruit throughout and finishes light and semi-dry. It's well-structured and distinct, never muddying or weighing too heavily on the palate, and any tannic barrel character of the Grenache vat is balanced with the oxidative undertones. It entirely evokes my recent visit to the taproom where I felt strongly that I was experiencing beers from one of the top brewers in the country.

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