Good Beer Hunting


057. Read.Look.Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.

image from photographer  Trevor Gordon

image from photographer Trevor Gordon

READ. // "They would be here soon, and appearances would not matter." Everybody loves eggs, right?

LOOK. // If you loved HAIM's 2013 debut, Days are Gone, like I loved it (read: a whole bunch), you'll wanna watch the video for their latest song, "Right Now." It's directed by P.T. Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood, The Master) and it's a slow-burn motherfucker. July 7 can't come soon enough.

DRINK. // Wicked Weed Brewing's Tropicmost Passionfruit Gose
It's getting warm down here in Atlanta. In fact, GBH founder Michael Kiser may have—may have—cyberbullied me about wearing shorts during a recent interview. This beer? This beer pairs nicely with shorts. It's lightly tart, lightly fruity, and immensely refreshing. Bonus: the can sweats more than I do. [Editor's note: This was written a week ago and is not meant as any sort of commentary on this week's acquisition news. Also, sheesh, just relax. It's a tasty beer.]

READ. // "This week, that work got a serious push forward—one that could turn out to be as significant the moment six millennia ago when farmers in the Fertile Crescent started trying to breed improvements into the tasty beer-making grass growing outside their huts." Genetic testing comes for barley.

LOOK. // Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle searches for real-life doppelgangers, but how will we know which one is evil if they don't have a goatee?

DRINK. // Redhook Brewery's Big Ballard Imperial IPA
Redhook admires its past with a willingness for modern experimentation. Recreating this 1984 recipe makes for strange bedfellows, however. Mosaic hops (among others) is a trendy choice, and the onion and citrus aromas make sense. It's a strong contrast to its bitterness, ideal for an IPA 10 years ago. At least it's not hazy.

READ. // "Twitter can, at times, be a cesspool, with rants, insults, and grim news sloshing together in a muck of looping text. Alameddine’s feed springs from the swamp like a rare flower." Novelist Rabih Alameddine uses Twitter, and art, as a distraction from—and motivation for—his writing.

LOOK. // Trevor Gordon's images contain multitudes of duality. They seem familiar while being enigmatic. They appear basic but contain so much depth and detail. They come off as extremely casual, but there is a very clear and thoughtful theme running through the collection. I can't get enough.

DRINK. // pFriem Family Brewers' Pilsner
When I was out in Oregon last week, this beer was seemingly on draft everywhere I went. And for good reason: the flowery, slightly zesty aroma balances the crisp, grainy body. It was the perfect contrast to cold, rainy weather that was as omnipresent as this tasty Lager.

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