Good Beer Hunting


027. Read.Look.Drink

These are the words, images, and beers that have inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us. 

Redesiged emojis from Always With Honor —in conjunction with the Microsoft Design Language Team—for the impending Windows 10 release

Redesiged emojis from Always With Honor—in conjunction with the Microsoft Design Language Team—for the impending Windows 10 release

READ. // I was lucky enough to share a few beers with beer writer Evan Rail when I was in Prague earlier this year. This handy city guide he wrote for National Geographic should encourage you to visit, if you needed a reason. A Local's Guide to Prague

LOOK. // I'm substituting a Look for a Listen this week as I believe the aural senses need as much stimulation as the optical. Listening to my Spotify discover weekly playlist has become routine for me and on Monday morning it threw this dark and brooding new track from LA based singer/songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle at me. Pair with a rich and warming imperial stout.

DRINK. // New Belgium's Oscar Worthy Coffee.
Perhaps some of the most impressive beers I tasted in Colorado were the specials pouring at the New Belgium Liquid Centre in Fort Collins. Oscar Worthy, a batch of La Folie "dry beaned" with coffee from local coffee join The Bean Cycle. It combined the tart, stone fruit notes of La Folie with floral and citrus notes from the coffee. The flavors are perfectly integrated and this beer is, in a word, magical.

READ. // "I don’t know if you know this, but worms are the source of all life." This is the best food journalism I've ever read. The Most Exclusive Restaurant in America

LOOK. // It's kinda hard to explain the City Museum without simply climbing around in it. But suffice it to say that you should allow yourself a few sweaty hours there the next time you're in St. Louis.

DRINK. // 4 Hands Brewing Company's Contact High.
And after you're sore from an afternoon at the City Museum, this is the perfect reward. Contact High is a hoppy wheat dry hopped with blood orange zest. After you've downed a tallboy of it, you'll find yourself renewed. Which is good, because the new 4 Hands taproom space has skeeball.

READ. // "The RCMP... asked for local hockey players to be on the lookout for any suspicious number 17s." The Most Canadian Crime Ever Committed.

LOOK. // Portland-based design studio, Always With Honor—in conjunction with the Microsoft Design Language Team—took on the herculean task of redesigning all the emojis for the impending Windows 10 release. The result is brilliantly thorough system of over 450 pixel-perfect glyphs that I'm unlikely to ever interact with directly, but are, nevertheless, gorgeous.

DRINK. // Maine Beer Company's MO.
Discovered on draft at the supremely dark and incredibly curated, The Moan and Dove, MO is everything you could ever want in a Pale Ale. Served best with good company, random bar dogs, free peanuts, and a playlist featuring Noname, Chance the Rapper, and Jamila Woods.

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