Good Beer Hunting


028. Read.Look.Drink

These are the words, images, and beers that have inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us. 

READ. // “It was just an idea, really. I never imagined we’d actually do it.” The New York Times takes a look at the "glorified sidewalk" that's transforming Atlanta—the same sidewalk on which Mitch Steele is building his new brewpubA Glorified Sidewalk, and the Path to Transform Atlanta

LOOK. // People who don't listen to Kanye West often shit on his attitude, and I suppose I can’t blame them for that. But it's also true that there's no musician out there who comes close to challenging his awe-inspiring artistry. I was reminded of that again at Philips Arena this week.

DRINK. // Yuengling Brewery's Yuengling Traditional Lager.
Speaking of Kanye, I had a couple cartoonishly large plastic cups of this classic Lager from "America's oldest brewery" while watching him hover over a teeming, sweaty mass of moshing youths. I regret nothing.

READ. // "Together, our results show that today’s industrial S. cerevisiae yeasts are genetically and phenotypically separated from wild stocks due to human selection and trafficking." The freshly minted White Labs Yeast Domestication report veers extremely nerdy, but potentially contains a hint at the future of our beloved phenols. Domestication and Divergence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Beer Yeasts

LOOK. // There's nothing quite like seeing a man-made thing being retaken by nature. Especially a rare, beautiful car.

DRINK. // Alaskan Brewing Company's Perseverance Ale (Pilot Series).
Popped a bottle of this five-year-old 25th anniversary beer to celebrate my best friend's house warming. Notably sweet, even for a Russian Imperial Stout, probably due to the birch syrup and fireweed honey adjuncts. Capped a brilliant night off right, even if that 9% ABV was probably the direct cause of Sunday's headache.


READ. // “What’s really cool is we’ve gotten to the point where the preferred beer will come from Chico, sometimes from Mills River.” Brewers discuss the secrets behind making one beer taste the same when made thousands of miles apart. Flavor Matching: How Breweries with Multiple Locations Create Consistency

LOOK. // It's a giant red ball squished between buildings, bridges, and urban art.

DRINK. // Starr Hill's Last Leaf.
If you see "maple" on a label, that beer better provide. On the cusp of fall, this one does. A Brown Ale laced with light maple flavor that carries throughout. Required pairing: changing foliage and pancakes.

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