Good Beer Hunting

The History of Brasserie Dupont — Trailer

This past January, we had the opportunity to travel to the Wallonia Valley to visit one of my bucket list breweries—Brasserie Dupont. Saison Dupont was the beer that, quite literally, started GBH. After tasting my first Dupont at the Map Room's Beer School, and being overwhelmed with the world of funk and fermentation, I bought every Saison I could find on the shelf and also bought as a way of sharing my tasting notes with a close friend. That was almost a decade ago. 

Ten years later, their importer, Total Beverage Solution out of South Carolina, watched as the Saison style tore through American craft beer after IPAs, Imperial Stouts, Goses and Sours made room for the next trend. And they asked for our help in resetting the clock a bit for a new generation of beer drinkers in the States. Becuase for anyone that knows saison, it's not just a beer style you can brew off the shelf. It's a centuries-old tradition that starts on a farm in Belgium near the French Border. And today, while the rest of the world is trying to iterate and innovate in this newly rediscovered style, adding all sort of cultures, fruits, and spices to their Saisons, fourth generation owner Olivier Dedeycker is doing everything he can to make sure Saison Dupont is as exactly the same as it ever was. 

Here's a sneak peek at what's to come. 

Creative Direction by Michael Kiser
Videography by Potluck Creative