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News + Updates — GBH Receives an Honor from The Webby Awards

GBH strives to be the most beautiful site in beer — but so much of what makes GBH visually attractive is how we treat the underlying user experience. We want our articles, full of stunning photography and long reads, to be easy and inspiring to read. We want you to see the beer world the way we see it, and that means getting a lot of the busy-ness of the web out of the way, and elevating the experience with smart typography choices, calm layouts, and immersive visual navigation. 

Today, we were honored to be recognized by The Webby Awards as an outstanding website in the "Cultural" category alongside content creators that we're inspired by every day, like Hypebeast, Pitchfork, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and National Geographic. Full disclosure — my dream job as a kid was to be a National Geographic photographer. 

When we took home the "Best Blog" award from Saveur in 2013, we were thrilled that our unique presentation of the beer world enabled us to be the first-ever winner over the long-standing wine category. And over the past couple years, we've used that win as motivation to take on some next-level challenges for our team — introducing the podcast, the b-roll blog, and re-concepting our storytelling visually and verbally with illustrations, video, new photography layouts, and interview formats. The result is something that The Webby Awards recognizes as "The Best of the Web". In 2014, there were 1,113,264,540 websites in the world (someone counted), and only 322 of them were Webby winners across more than 60 categories. 

Alongside myself, the core team at GBH that worked together to build this dreamboat of a website includes Kyle Fletcher and Anthony Bruno, two friends I'm lucky to be inspired by, and the fine folks at Squarespace for creating a platform that people like us can push to the limit. And of course, the growing stable of compelling writers and photographers across the country that are helping bring unique and diverse voices to the GBH narrative. I'm very proud of everything you've done. 

Maybe next year we'll win an award for "excellence in copy editing." It's good to have goals, people. Now back to work. 


Words + Proud Face
by Michael Kiser