Good Beer Hunting

Slow Ride Session #3 — The Cut of Your Jib

One of the first skills you learn as a young man is how to shave your face. And if you're lucky, your father, uncle, or older brother was a consummate professional by the time you picked up the blade. But if you're like me, most of what you learned was that the more blades the better, and shaving is akin got flying a F-16 fighter jet across your face, you badass. Oops. 

Shaving, like so many other parts of life, is about simplicity and a steady hand. A single blade, dragged gently across your face is the best thing you can do for your skin — that, and concept re-application of heat, water, and cream. And take your time. The pleasure is in the doing. 

I've been going to Isaac Holmes, proprietor of the new Handcrafted Barbershop, to cut my hair for a few years now. And on more than one occasion, I've had the pleasure of seeing him perform a hot shave for a patient and appreciative customer — he does a half-dozen of these pro shaves a month, which is enough to keep him loose. On this night, we drank a few good beers, Isaac and his crew walked us through the process, and then took on two brave volunteers who got the royal treatment. Everyone went home with a couple new friends, a badger brush, and a soap bowl from Merz Apothecary so they can take on the challenge on their own. 


Some things you can learn from watching a YouTube video — and some things you should learn in person. This was one of those things. 

Next up is a milling and baking class with Baker Miller, and a scratchboard and screenwriting class with Dan Grezca. Only a few tickets remain. Join us at the end for The Collective party at Kaiser Tiger and get to meet all the artisans we've partnered with on the series. You'll have the best time. 

Words, Photos, Michael Kiser Event collab, New Belgium Brewing