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Truth in Numbers — Part One of the Half Acre Expansion Story

Brewery expansions are challenging stories to tell. Every brewery has their own perspective, motivations, opportunities, and challenges when it comes to deciding how and when to grow. But reporting about expansions often leaves out a very important part of the story — the incredible scope of the effort. There's a lot of heart-felt, passionate, qualitative insight into Half acre's decision to expand, and you can find all that in our Critical Drinking interview with co-founder Gabriel Magliaro. But to understand the size of the problem they're solving, and the breadth of the effort, we decided to do something completely unique. We're going to show you the numbers.

In this three-part series, the GBH design and development team of Kyle Fletcher and Anthony Bruno worked to bring the quantitative side of the story to life in graphic form. Part one is all about the planning stage — basically taking stock of a new space and clearing things out. It takes months, a tireless team, and an incredible amount of patience just to get to the moment you break ground. In parts two and three, which we'll be sharing in the coming months ahead, you also get to see the effort that goes in to laying the foundation, raising the roof, spiffing things up, and flipping the switch. 

We're proud of Half Acre's success, and we're excited to see their next wave. We're also excited to see what happens when the years-long waiting list for Daisy Cutter finally gets a chunk taken out of it. 

Check this story out on your desktop. It'll move you (seriously, it literally moves). Scroll on. 

1. Getting raw space


SQ FT Interior


SQ FT Outdoor

2. Splitting locations


Miles apart

3. Planning the timeline


Months of total planning

4. Meeting with the community


Meetings for Q&A

5. Lawyering up


Law firms for real estate acquisition, zoning and liquor laws

6. Architecting the interior


Pages of Architectural plans

7. Working with the trades


Different contractors & trades

8. Tearing down walls


Walls torn down for new offices

9. Digging up the past

Notable objects found in the floors & masonry

10. Building a bigger brewhouse



BBL 3 Vessel Century



BBL 4 Vessel Braukon

11. Dividing things up


SQ FT Offices


SQ FT Entertainment


SQ FT Projects


SQ FT Beer-making

12. Creating capacity

2x over lincoln location


from day-one

Design by Kyle Fletcher Dev by Anthony Bruno