Good Beer Hunting

New Belgium Slow Ride Sessions — a New GBH Collaboration

This Spring, you're going to see a fresh new collaboration from GBH + New Belgium Brewing to celebrate the turn of the season in Chicago and their new session IPA hitting the market. Full of hoppy citrus and pine notes, but super easy-drinking, our goal is to show how good of a companion this beer is to everyday creative activities. That's where our Slow Ride Collective comes in. 

We're partnering with bike builders, wood workers, bakers, screen printers, and barbers to put together a series of super-limited experiences where you learn a new skill, get hands-on with the process, and walk away with something to show for it. And of course, a good IPA alongside. 

All proceeds will of the the Rebuilding Exchange, a non-profit dedicated to creating a market for reclaimed building materials. They do this by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse through their retail warehouse, by promoting sustainable deconstruction practices, by providing education and job training programs, and by creating innovative models for sustainable reuse. Since our inception in 2009, Rebuilding Exchange has diverted 9228.86 tons of building materials from the landfill, and simultaneously created over $2 million worth of quality reuse materials available to the public.

See more about the Rebuilding Exchange >>

Check out the series landing page here (which will be updated ongoing), and jump on those tickets. It's going to be a great Chicago spring. 

We're going to end the whole series with a collective party, bringing together our creative partners and Slow Ride Session fans at Kaiser Tiger in May. Stay tuned for details and tickets. 

Produced by
by Michael Kiser