Good Beer Hunting

[video] Alarmist Brewing — The Brewhouse Arrives

There's no one more fun to root for than Gary Gulley of Chicago's Alarmist Brewing. He's kind of like a big kid, and your grandfather, all at the same time. And sometimes he even talks shit. So when I got a text with a shitty iPhone photo of a flatbed rolling up to Gary's back door this morning, it was all I could do to get over there and document this moment. 

There's never a more anxious and wonderful moment in a brewery's timeline than when that brewhouse finally shows up. I wish I could witness every single one of them. You could see it all in Gary's sniper-like glare, as each pipe and nob had to graze the lining of the door to make it's way in to the brewery. That forklift driver was a saint. 

Congratulations Gary. Your IPA is really, really good. 

Michael Kiser