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Sierra Nevada #beercamptour with Men's Journal and GBH

This week, GBH founder Michael Kiser will be joining the nationwide Sierra Nevada Beer Camp tour for the second leg of the journy from The Grand Canyon to Denver, Des Moines to Chicago, for two festivals, some white water rafting, skydiving (nope), and plenty of other adventures. 


The Beer Camp tour invites every craft brewer in America to join in the fun and festivities, so Kiser will be busy shooting, recording, and writing about his adventure, picking up where Joshua Bernstein, author of The Conplete Beer Course, leaves off from his west coast kick-off. 


If you're in any of these locations, we hope you make it out to see us! And if you're on the east coast, be patient, it's coming. 

Help Kiser out on the tour. What are your favorite beers and breweries in these areas? Tweet at him @goodbeerhunting!


Michael Kiser