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Unrated — Solemn Oath's Butterfly Flashmob

Only in their second year of brewing, Solemn Oath in Naperville, Illinois has been quick to the streets with some things, and measured, even restrained, with others. Bottling is something they took their time on, opting to go keg-only for the first 18+ months of brewing, building strong relationships with bars and restaurants around Chicago and the fertile crescent that surrounds. 

"Anytime I visit Chicago," says Kevin Lemp of St. Louis' 4 Hands Brewing, "they're always on in the bars I think I'd want my stuff on. It's impressive."


Butterfly Flashmob is their fourth bottle release. This Belgian IPA pairs the juicy citrus, pine, and floral bitterness of Citra, Centennial, Columbus, and Simcoe hops against a light, fruity Belgian yeast. The 90IBUs leave the palate clean and dry, which makes it an amazing food beer for anything fatty or particularly funky, like a blue cheese. 


Why does this beer matter?
John Barley, co-founder of Solemn Oath says:

“We started with no seasonals or standbys. Our plan was to figure out what we liked best, and our customers liked best, knowing that at some point this would all settle out. Butterfly Flashmob is one that’s gotten a huge following. Five years from now, I think it could be our Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or our Allagash White.”

Where do I get it?
For now, this one is still exceptionally local to Chicago. Bottles are currently in the Solemn Oath taproom, and it hits retail shelves on Monday, January 27th. Check for draft availability around Chicagoland.

Michael Kiser