Good Beer Hunting

Mash Tun Journal, Issue No 3 is here

Twice a year, I help create Mash Tun, a Craft Beer Journal. And I'm proud to announce that issue no. 3 is here! Get yours is the shop now >>

Mash Tun is a craft beer journal featuring articles about beer's unique history, current place in the world, and it's outlook on the future. Issue No. 3 covers topics such as:

- Schoenhofen Brewery and it's questionable role in the Nazi movement
- The birth of Indiana craft beer
- Beer's close cousin, Sake
- Interview with Deschutes founder, Gary Fish 
- Interview with Pipeworks Brewing
- Travel writing from Amsterdam and Warszwara


In all, there are 18 articles over 150 pages and tons of photographs. As Good Beer Hunting, I'm a major contributor to all three issues so far (no. 2 has a few remaining copies!). 

Mash Tun is published by Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar, and supported by the Public Media Institute based in Chicago, Illinois. 

For a limited time, anyone that orders a Hunter/Gatherer poster (shown below) will receive a free issue of Mash Tun no. 3! 

Michael Kiser