Good Beer Hunting

Jay Daly of Stockyard Palate is bourbon-blind.

Jay Daly of, friend and comrade in the mission to find great food and drink, put together a blind bourbon tasting for St. Paddy's day this year. Sacrilege? Perhaps. But it kept us off the streets.

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Jay does financial strategy for a spirits company, which means that his bourbon knowledge recently started messing with the grading curve in our small group of friends. While he won't claim to be an expert on the subject, he certainly does a great job of breaking down the history, criteria, and approach to tasting bourbon in his recap of the day. Take a look at the results — between $120 bottles of experimental Buffalo Trace, unassailable bottles of Van Winkle, and some bargain bin entries from a gentleman in Virginia of all places, you'll be surprised by who moved to the head of the class, and who got after-school detention. Go to Stockyard Palate >>

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Michael Kiser