Good Beer Hunting

Announcing the Hermetus Bottle Opener/Re-sealer in the GBH Shop

Some of you "early adopters" have already jumped on this ingenious product from German Manufacturer, Monopol, and put it to good use I suspect.  So without further delay, it's time to officially announce the arrival of the Hermetus Bottle Opener + Resealer available in the GBH shop for less than $10. 

I believe in keeping a beer in its optimal state for as long as possible, but I also believe in taking your time with a great beer, even if just for a few hours after opening a bomber. And with so many great craft beers coming in bombers these days, more of my gatherings involve at least a few open bottles at a time being passed around for the afternoon. That's what drew me to Hermetus. 


An efficient bottle opener, yes. But the real magic here is in the rubberized gasket on the underside that enables a quick, fully hermetic seal to be created by sliding the bottle opener over the lip of a bomber. 

Surely you're capable of finishing most bombers off in one sitting. But I find numerous occasions where a re-sealer like this comes in handy. And so have many others since I began shipping these guys last week. 

1. Tastings with my friends where we have 3-5 bombers open for a few hours
2. Backyard gatherings where it's ideal to keep out the elements between pours
3. When I'm halfway through a bomber, and nearing my next killstreak on MW3 and my friends suddenly want me over to watch the Hawks playoff game. (These things transport beautifully)
4. Sales reps on the road that are tasting out dozens of accounts a day and don't want to lose an entire bomber every time they pour 

Get a few for yourself in the shop today >>