Good Beer Hunting

The First GBH Poster Collaboration with Andrew R. Wright

 His masterful illustration work has appeared in Field & Stream, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and The Saturday Evening Post — and now he's taken the time to help bring the concept of the "Hunter Gatherer" to life in a stunning screen print poster just in time for the end of the winter season.

The Hunter Gatherer represents the drive and passion we all share for seeking out great beers and bringing these beautiful provisions home to share and enjoy. For lovers of craft beer, it's more than a stop at the liquor store or a bonus on the grocery trip. We'll track down those elusive brews like deer prints in the snow, and stare down a 100ft shelf stacked with exotic names waiting for one to flinch and seal its fate. 


Andrew is a serious craft beer enthusiast, and he landed the Hunter Gatherer slot #10 back in August of last year during our first hang at Atlas brewpub in Lincoln Park. After learning more about Andrew, I realized his love of craft extends to many things in his life — coffee, food, art and vintage Dieter Rams designed stereo equipment by Braun. The guy has his passions. To better understand my collaborator, I spent the better part of a Sunday morning with Andrew in his studio (an altar to modernism and spartan organization) to document the production of the original linoleum blocks and test prints for "Hunter Gatherer."


After a few sleepless nights and plenty of preparation, he rolled out the colors and lined up his home press. Andrew chose to do a four-color process, using a fine French 100lb Kraft paper for the fifth color. This requires a separate plate to be carved out of the linoleum for each block of color, including an entire carving and registration for just the hint of blue at the very top. 

Andrew made five original prints this way so he could find the right mix of color application, registration and texture. From there he's able to choose the best attributes of each, and create a digital file for burning screens in the final printing process. By starting with the original linoleum cut process, we're able to capture the unmistakable texture and nuance of the hand-crafted process. From there, we worked with Delicious Design League in Chicago to create the screens and perfect the colors for the poster run.


Each print is signed and number by Andrew, and embossed with "GBH & Co." representing a great collaboration sketched out over many great beers.

Limited run of 100 — 18"x24" — $35 each. You should get yours in the shop, right now. >>