Good Beer Hunting

Real Men Swear — Cursing Like Fashionable Sailors

Even my side projects have side projects these days. But none of them are quite as fun as Real Men Swear. Or Real Menswear, as it were.

I've been collaborating with Chicago-based designer, illustrator and fashion iconoclast Craighton Berman on this project for about two years now, and we've had our share of laughs. What started over a series of lunches and walkabouts in an effort to avoid doing our day jobs, has become a bit of a cultural blitzkrieg. It's no joke.

Last year, Details Magazine hired us to sully their Spring Fashion Supplement, riffing off lookbooks from very serious designers as a way to lighten things up. No cease and desist orders as far as we know.


And this year, Urban Outiftters UK picked us up for an interview on their blog, making it possible for us to literally say "we're big in Europe." And to commemorate the post, we decided to poke a but of fun at ourselves with photos from this year's New Years Eve gathering at my place. You can read the interview here >>

So, we don't always drink beer, but when we do, we usually write jokes. And curse like very fashionable sailors.


Michael Kiser