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Announcing the new b-Roll blog on GBH

If you follow GBH closely, you may have noticed something new this past week called b-Roll. b-Roll is a great new way for me to share some of the smaller moments that happen in craft beer — the moments that are little stories in-and-of themselves. 


GBH has become known for its in-depth, longform storytelling because that where my heart is. I love exploring the people, places, and products in craft beer in ways that no journalist on a deadline ever would, and with a dedication that no casual observer ever could. All while remaining ad-free, sponsorship free, and of course, free to you. This isn't changing. It's my gift back to the industry that I've come to love to much, and most recently dedicated myself to full-time as a strategic and creative consultant — something I've done for eight years for massive global brands like Nike, Samsung, HP and Adobe. And one of the reasons for this shift in my focus was that I wanted more of a connection, more of direct relationship to the products people, and businesses that I get to help shape. Craft beer is providing that for me in ways I never could have imagined, and this kind of work takes me even deeper than traditional GBH stories could ever hope to capture.   

b-Roll is a photographer's and film maker's term. It's what you call the supplemental or alternative footage captured while you strive to tell a larger story. Sometimes it makes it into a story, sometimes it winds up on the cutting room floor. Any artist will tell you, that these small moments, and the stories they tell on their own, can sometimes be the most meaningful. But so often, they go unshared because there isn't an appropriate channel or frame to put them into. 

And just as my journey into craft beer goes deeper, I found myself witnessing more and more of these wonderful moments, but without a way to share them in traditional GBH stories. I didn't want to add too much noise to the main GBH feed. But I didn't want them to exist in obscurity either. And so, I'm introducing b-Roll, a separate blog feed that updates once or twice a day, one photo at a time, and a short caption that tries to capture the meaning of the moment. You can subscribe to this feed separately if you'd like to keep up. Or you can wait for once-weekly updates in the main feed, posted on Sundays, reminding you to take a quick dip in the deep end of the GBH pool. 

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As an artist, I'm excited to have this new channel for storytelling. It's already influenced the way I shoot and think about stories on GBH, keeping me fresh and always adapting. And it'll only add more color and texture to the larger stories I'll continue to tell about this amazing industry. I hope you like it. 

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Michael Kiser