Good Beer Hunting

Shop Update: Introducing GBH 3-in-1 Hunting Tags

I love a simple, hand-made solution to a problem. And after years of losing track of bottles in my beer cellar — who gave them to me, when I should drink them, how long they've got left — I decided to do something about it, with an fun twist. 

These are GBH 3-in-1 Hunting tags. They're as much about solving my problem as they are about celebrating the reason we save these beers in the first place — to share them with others.  

These iconic, industrial style tags do triple duty as gift tags, cellar trackers, and memory savers for the generous beer geek in all of us. 

Cellar Tracking
It's impossible to keep track of cellaring and "best after" dates in a collection of exceptional aged beers. These tags help you see at a glance when you cellared it, and when you should be drinking it — so your beer never comes out too early, or overstays its welcome.  

Gift Tags
A simple, elegant way to personalize a beer gift. Now you'll never forget who gave you that bomber of 2010 Deschutes Abyss. Those are probably your truest friends anyhow. 

Memory Savers
Nothing's more important that the people you share a great beer with. Jot down a tasting note, or sign your names to start a truly memorable collection of epic beer hunting tags. Imagine the stack you'll have after a year, or ten. 

Pre-strung. Sold in packs of 10, 25 and 50, beautifully presented in a stamped industrial cotton bag. 

Get yours in the shop, and start a new era of collecting and aging today. >> 

Michael Kiser