Good Beer Hunting

Camp Wandawega Yearbook — GBH Style Makes the Files

Timeout for a late-summer memory. The story about the first, and hopefully annual Good Beer Hunting x Buckshot Sonny's weekend away at Wandawega has been told far and wide this year. But never has it been captured so beautifully than in Camp Wandawega's own yearbook — the Style Files. 


Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez have been quietly building the presence of Camp Wandawega since 2003. They've pieced it's 85-year history back together one artifact at a time, built cabins, pitched original Boyscout tents, teepees, built an epic treehouse, opened a camp store, and so so much more. It's only been ten years, but it already feels like a life's work. 


The Camp Wandawega Yearbook captures the spirit of creativity at camp, as well as some of its less ambitious, lean-back moments that are so important to maintaining that drive in the long term. Since its beginning, the camp has served as Tereasa and David's getaway and inspiration. It's a way to secure some much-needed downtime in the country with family and friends, but it's also a creative project with a life of its own. The camp has played host to innumerable retreats for photographers, craftsmen, designers and more. Chefs, brewers and florists have shared their talents here. And It's also served as the backdrop for a number of catalog shoots for the likes of Pennfield and Lands End.


I'm honored to have the GBHxBSSG weekend story told along so many others that brought their own vision to camp this year. There were only a couple hundred copies produced for the first issue, but clear your afternoon and click through to the digital copy — you'll find some incredible camp history, dinner parties, photography from T. Harrison Hillman, an Autumn Soiree with Kelly Marie Uss of Fleur, the StyleSeek weekend with Ryan Plett, Paul Octavious and friends, as well as some great cocktail recipes, furniture refinishing and art camp projects, and a first glimpse at the phenomenal camp store catalog.

If you don't get anything done for the rest of the day, don't say I didn't warn you. 

Michael Kiser