Good Beer Hunting


Striking a Balance
While some brewers go all-in on “Belgian” others strike a balance in their portfolios. The history of Belgian brewing welcomes both.

The panelists are:
Amit Ram, Peekskill Brewery
Steve Crider, 2nd Shift Brewery
Doug Campbell, Brewery Ommegang

International Export
How Belgian beer is thought about differently around the world, and how it makes sense locally.

The panelists are:
Chris Toia Mikkeller
Daniel Leeman Global Beer Network

Unreproducibly Belgian
While brewers the world over are inspired by Belgian beers, not everything from the homeland can be reproduced abroad.

The panelists are:
Jeff Alworth, Beervana
Dusty Howe, Upland Brewing Co.

Vertical Integration
The history of Belgian brewing is full of farm-based brewing and close ties to local agriculture — something cider makers and farm-based brewers in the U.S. understand well.

The panelists are:
Carrie Blackmore Good Nature Brewery
Alejandro Del Peral Nine Pin Cider

The U.S. Evolution of Belgian
The ways in which flavor, ingredients, and technique have been pushed by American brewers has a lot of commonality with Belgian brewers.

The panelists are:
Eric Johnson Wild Heaven Beer
Patrick Woodson Brewery Bhavana

Message in a Bottle - Keynote
Generations of brewers have been inspired by Belgian brewing. What’s so appealing? How has it been put to use? And where is it going next?

The panelists are:
Geoff Wenzel New Belgium Brewing
Nick Purdy Wild Heaven Beer
Phil Leinhart Brewery Ommegang