Good Beer Hunting


Opening Statement & Keynote
The Future of the Relationship Between the UK and US Beer Industries

Michael Kiser, Director of Good Beer Hunting

The Shit Post — How Social Media Managers are Coping with the Hardest Job at a Brewery

Host: Chris Hall

Kamilla Hannibal (Beavertown)
Richard Burhouse (Magic Rock)
Henok Fentie (Omnipollo)

A Change Can Do You Good — Keeping a Brand Fresh in a Dynamic Market

Host: Michael Kiser

Nanna Guldbæk (Lervig)
Nick Dwyer (Beavertown)
Shaun O'Sullivan (21st Amendment)

A is for Action — How the Inclusivity Debate Becomes a Movement

Host: Matthew Curtis

Lily Waite (We Are Beer/GBH)
Alexandra Sewell (The Black Malt Bottle Share) Melissa Cole (Beer Writer & Journalist)

Quality Fermentation — Exploring Beer’s Place in the Realm of Wine & Cider

Host: Michael Kiser

Lauren Limbach (New Belgium)
James Rylance (Harbour)
Jos Ruffell (Garage Project)

The GBH Collective — How to Advance the Narrative Within Beer Writing

Host: Matthew Curtis

Michael Kiser (GBH)
Matthew Curtis (GBH)
Claire Bullen (GBH)
Jonny Garrett (GBH)

Go Your Own Way — The Value of Independence vs. Investment

Host: Michael Kiser

Logan Plant (Beavertown)
Giovanni Campari (Birrificio del Ducato)
Justin Hutton (Two Tribes)

Go Your Own Way.jpg

Food for Thought — Where Does Beer & Restaurant Culture Intersect?

Host: Claire Bullen

Jonny Hamilton (Beavertown)
Travis Hixon (Blackberry Farm)
Dan Nathan (Beef & Brew)

Let’s Stick Together — The Value of Collaboration and Fostering Positive Relationships in Beer’s Modern Era

Host: Matthew Curtis

Dave Stone (Wylam)
Steve Grae (Affinity)
Brian Dickson (Northern Monk)

I Can See Clearly Now — Chasing Beer Trends as a Means to an End

Host: Jonny Garrett

Andy Parker (Elusive)
Matt Brynildson (Firestone Walker)
Alexandra Nowell (Three Weavers)