Good Beer Hunting

no. 459


When I first laid eyes on Liquor Lyle’s, I had a feeling it was my kinda place. When I learned they had High Life on draft, I knew it was my kinda place. And when we ordered two but they brought us four? Well, it was then that I asked if I could move into the place.

Turns out, it was happy hour. And at Liquor Lyle’s, drinks are two-for-one during happy hour. But wait, when is happy hour? Great question. Although it sounds a bit like a tennis score, it’s between 3–7 and 9–1 on Monday through Thursday, 3–7 and 9–12 on Friday, and 10–6 and 9–1 on Saturday and Sunday. It is exceedingly easy to spend a bunch of very happy hours at Liquor Lyle’s, is what I’m saying.

So, yes, I now live at a bar in Minneapolis. If you come to visit, depending on the time of day, it’s likely I’ll buy you two drinks.

Words + Photo by
Kyle Kastranec