Good Beer Hunting

no. 463

matt sampson 4.jpg

A few months from now, Lake Michigan will reclaim the sheet of ice Matthew Sampson is crouching on.

Cave Point County Park is just a short drive south along the lake from Hacienda Beer Co., where Matt’s the barrel/QC manager. (He’s also a GBH contributor.) It’s early on a Saturday morning and we’ve been exploring the peninsula. The trip down was quiet and peaceful—sub-zero temperatures appear to have killed a car battery or two. It’s definitely the slow season around here.

We arrive at the park alongside a few cars that managed to beat the cold. Kayaks and cliff diving have given way to hockey tournaments and ice fishing. Taking the opportunity, Matt walks onto the ice to assess the view. This particular stretch of Wisconsin coastline, normally battered by wind and waves, has metamorphosed into frigid, aquatic art. It’s unusually calm. So we soak it in for a bit.