Good Beer Hunting

no. 457

IMG_3219 (1).jpg

Munich, Germany. A table full of folks I don’t know. My buddy and I are the only people of color we’ve seen in a few days. We’ve set out to live the vision we’ve created—namely, that people are the same everywhere. Maybe not the same, exactly, but we’re all people until the quiet comes.

I was a little overrun with emotion, maybe because I was meeting new people who were eager and happy to share their culture and traditions with me. It’s the kind of stuff that will forever change your life. Sitting at that table, having those discussions, drinking that beer, a feeling of “Why me?” washed over. But I quickly repositioned it: “Why not me?”

Maybe this is my mission in life. Maybe this is my calling. I’ve worked tons of jobs in my 40 years—they were all difficult. I feel it’s more natural for me to connect with people over beer. Call it corny, but it’s the most innate duty in my soul. So as I set out to find subsequent future endeavors revolving around beer, I’ll continue to use this beverage as a vehicle to showcase the beauty of humanity. We’re all just people, after all.