Good Beer Hunting

no. 452


Rob Tod has probably made more Allagash White toasts at this point than there are days in a year. It’s the beer that launched his brewery nearly a quarter century ago and one for which he still proudly professes an unwavering love.

But yesterday afternoon was different. Perched atop the grated steel of the massive brew deck that cranks out the company’s flagship, Tod looked something like a cross between a small and independent preacherman and that shrug emoji from the internet. In his hand was the ubiquitous-in-the-industry-but-new-to-Allagash 16-ounce cylinder popularized by beers oftentimes more hoppy, but almost never more iconic. In true Tod form, his speech was friendly, short, and conversational. His words felt more like a guy relaying a story to a bunch of his friends—probably because that’s exactly what they were.

Before leaving, I asked him if having White from a can felt any different. “It’s the same beer,” he said with his characteristic smile. “Just a different experience.” Here’s to new experiences, then—even ones that take almost 25 years to develop.