Good Beer Hunting

no. 449


The Colombian village of Minca is not an easy place to get to. From Cartagena, where we were staying on a recent trip, getting to Minca meant a five-ish-hour bus ride along the coast, through shantytowns and endless tollbooths, to the city of Santa Marta.

From there, an hourlong cab ride winds back and forth along a mountain road, passing under progressively denser treetops to the center of the village. Depending on how high you’re headed, a 30-minute jaunt on the back of a hired motorbike will do the trick. But we skipped the motorbikes in favor of hiking boots, climbing our way up to Marinka Falls—just over an hour straight up the mountain.

About 40 minutes in, calves burning slightly, sweat dripping from my elbows, we rounded a bend on the trail and were greeted with three glorious signs. It was a wonderful reminder that, no matter how far from home you are, and regardless of the remoteness of your location, the bare necessities are never too far away.

Words + Photo
by Kyle Kastranec