Good Beer Hunting

no. 454

Nick Pic_b-Roll.jpg

Atlanta’s Southside has been called a lot of names, many of them not very nice. I’ve lived all over the metro area, but have spent most of my life on the “wrong” side of I-20, a part of town that lacks amenities common to other parts of the region. It doesn’t have many of the newly renovated homes of East Atlanta or those large marketplaces with the fancy food halls that house some of the best burgers in ATL.

The Southside may lack for trendiness, but our tight-knit community makes up for it. The energy in Arches Brewing during the release of Kentucky Mud—a Nitro Chocolate Milk Stout made in partnership with rap group Nappy Roots—was yet another example of how our community comes together to support its own.

People you would normally run into at the local watering hole or community festival came out to celebrate this special beverage. Clearly, the neighborhood was excited to see what would happen when the legendary Nappy Roots teamed up with our local beer maker. It’s support like this that makes me happy to rep the Southside every day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I quickly spotted a familiar face behind the bar—Nick, another Southside resident. Here, he pours a glass of Kentucky Mud for a member of his community.