Good Beer Hunting

no. 437


The counter doesn’t exactly keep an accurate count. I’m not even sure I understand how it keeps the count that it does. But it’s there, and that’s enough. And anyway, it’s the dish that matters more than how many of them they’ve sold. “The dish” here is referring to “The Comfy Chicken Biscuit,” and the “they” here is referring to an eatery in Atlanta which Google clunkily refers to as “Home grown GA Restaurant.”

Home Grown gets pretty busy most days, but here’s a pro-tip: sit at the bar. There’s almost always a spot, especially if you show up a little on the early side, and you’ll get to sit next to a diverse and interesting cross-section of ATL’s populace. Construction workers, punk kids, businesswomen, total rednecks, it’s great! And sometimes, when you’re sitting next to these folks, it’ll feel like you’re all getting Comfy together.

When Home Grown opened in 2010, Memorial Drive was an industrialized strip connecting downtown Atlanta to the city’s east side and beyond, all the way out to Stone Mountain. Now, that once-vacant thoroughfare is the new home of condos, restaurants, myriad developments, one of those motorcycle shops that also sells a bunch of coffee and apparel, and at least one brewery. I hope this strange, wonderful little restaurant can stick around amidst all the change. In times like these, you need places like Home Grown.