Good Beer Hunting

no. 426

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He’s referred to London as a “war zone” before, but it was Trump himself who brought the US Marine Osprey V22 helicopters when he visited on a stormy Friday 13th in July.

Below him, nearly 250,000 Europeans and one giant Trump Baby balloon peacefully demonstrated against the bigotry and lies his government represents. The purpose was serious but towards the end the mood was less so. My friends and I attended with good humour and no small amount of beer, which is probably how we ended up at the drag show later that night. Hosted outside the National Theatre at a bar called The Understudy, the place was rammed with placard-wielding revellers, even as the heavens opened. Living up to his namesake, an inebriated Trump impersonator had used the chaos to sneak up on stage. After dancing with drag queens he launched himself at the audience, crowd surfing to the back. Once again Trump was flying above us, but this time—somewhat ironically—supported by the people.