Good Beer Hunting

no. 413


Rows of barrels racked high greet us as we enter Barcelona's La Pirata Brewery. A black and red banner hangs above the sturdy collection, proudly claiming ownership. As we journey deeper into the brewery, we come upon a freshly packaged batch of pineapple IPA, the just-filled bottles waiting for their colorful labels.

Catalonia’s thirst for experimentation is considerable. Over a weekend exploring the Barcelona Beer Festival, we sample delicate grape ales and a wealth of rich and complex barrel-aged offerings. A passionate community of beer lovers and brewers such as Pirata’s Aran Leon (he's the one on the right in the photo above) have gathered around the peripheries of Catalonia’s craft beer capital to create an exciting young scene that will no doubt bloom in the years to come. These experimentations are the result.

As the sun begins to set, we race back to the energetic sights and sounds of the city. While the expanses of the countryside now seem a world away, at least its beer is still within reach.