Good Beer Hunting

no. 401


This is Brann Dailor. If you live in Atlanta, there's a chance you've seen him bellied up to The Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points or perusing the coolers at Green's Beverages on Ponce. But his favorite place to drink is his home in the Edgewood neighborhood on ATL's eastside.

Sometimes, his phone will buzz with a text from his next door neighbor, who happens to own Midway Pub in East Atlanta, asking him to come chat over the fence separating their yards—he's about to open a fancy beer. Other times, Dailor entertains friends with a rare Stout or three from his basement beer cellar.

If you live outside Atlanta, there's a chance you've seen Dailor play drums, which he does for a living in a few bands, including Mastodon, the veteran metal outfit that won its first Grammy in January after 18 years of cranking out sturdy, melodic sludge.

During an exhausting and ridiculous weekend bouncing around my hometown, Kyle Kastranec and I spent a recent afternoon with the self-described "marginally famous drummer of a dad metal band," chatting about beach properties, his friendship with Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, and the "sexy E.T." velvet painting hanging in one of the many theme-decorated areas of his lovely home.

Expect to read much more in a forthcoming Hunter/Gatherer piece. It's gonna get nice and weird.

—Austin L. Ray