Good Beer Hunting

no. 445


I went to a beer festival and it was awesome.

Half Acre recently put together a stunning event called Far & Away, inviting some of the world's best breweries to pour some of their best beers. There were no flagships flowing from jockey boxes. Instead, beer makers like Other Half, Jester King, Side Project, Beavertown, and so many more treated us to the special stuff. Without standing in line. On a beautiful, sunny fall day. In downtown Chicago.

Everyone I spoke to at the fest mentioned it was one of the best they've been to in a while, citing the sheer amount of amazing beer, not to mention the glassware. A refreshing antidote to the standard-4-oz.-sponsor-logo-covered-ugly-taster-thing, no one left the event without the heavy-duty highball glass Half Acre provided.

In fact, it actually made it into my cupboard, which is no small feat for a glassware-overburdened beer geek like myself. Each time I pull it out, I remember the blast I had that day. Maybe next year’s festival isn’t so far and away after all. See you then, Half Acre.