Good Beer Hunting

no. 385

Kraft Werk02.jpg

“Black Iris for sure," the barkeep enthuses when I ask for a recommendation. "They’re not the biggest brewery in Nottingham, but they’re the best.”

We'd go on to spend a solid half hour swapping stories about great beers, beer festivals, and breweries. While sometimes you may wanna go where everybody knows your name, sometimes that doesn't matter.

Traveling for work is fun, but it can get a little lonely sometimes, too. Times like these remind me one way beer can be so wonderful. If you find the right spot (and there's one almost everywhere these days), there'll be someone that shares your passion. Striking up conversation with a beer lover about what's coming out of the taps is rarely a difficult task. Which means no matter where you are you can always make new friends—even if it's just for a half hour.