Good Beer Hunting

no. 334

Mikkeller Antics.jpg

“Wait, let me grab Mikkel!” Mikkeller’s ops manager Jacob Alsing exclaims as I try to corral him for a headshot.

He's about to join a GBH symposium panel at the recent Beavertown Extravaganza. He, Garage Project’s Jos Ruffell, and The Wild Beer Company’s Andrew Cooper end up discussing “growing sideways,” a look at ways to grow the beer bubble that don’t involve making beer. These involve anything from wine or gin or, in Mikkeller’s case, opening a brewery and restaurant inside the New York Mets’ stadium. Alsing stole the show with an animated performance, even asking if he could stand while the other panelists sat.

Eventually, I wrangle the guy and a bemused Mikkel Borg Bjergsø in front of our backdrop.

“Can I drop the mic?” he asks, dropping to one knee.  

“Please don’t, it’s very expensive."

“OK, I’ll just hold it like this.”