Good Beer Hunting

no. 319


Under usual circumstances, discovering a photo you don’t remember taking feels a bit like finding a fiver in the pocket of some freshly washed trousers. 

This was not usual circumstances. This? This one was more like finding a Benjamin.

As I began to Memento my way through the evening before, some things made more sense, others made less. But here's what I know:

• This photo was taken at 12:38 AM after the second session of The Festival 2017 presented by the Shelton Brothers.
• It was captured just outside the porch area of Ticonderoga Club, a rad spot for late night food and drinks in Atlanta, GA. (Seriously, you should visit.)
• Shortly before this moment, the combined hoards of GBH and several assorted breweries—Arizona Wilderness, Creature Comforts, Fonta Flora, Firestone Walker, Jester King, Perennial, Side Project, and more—took over the place and drank every last bit of the De Ranke.
• Perennial’s Chuck Stockstrom (left) and AZ Wilderness’ Patrick Ware (right) were doing some sort of weird, forehead-to-forehead, back-and-forth, squat-stomp-dance-type-thing without any regard for their surroundings, the teeming crowd, or general social constructs.

As for the name, purpose, and origin of the dance, well, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Sorry for partying?