Good Beer Hunting

no. 313

It’s weird that there are people who think women don’t like beer. People who call certain styles—Berliner Weisse, for example—“girly,” who think that females need beer made specifically for them. These unfortunate souls are either gonna wake up or get left behind—and soon. After all, the industry is rapidly changing, and part of that change is getting as far away from the boring, bearded white dude monoculture as possible.

Cheers to that.

And so here we have Shannon (Creature Comforts), Katie (Craft Republic Distributing), and Shae (Side Project) hanging out at the recent Perennial Brewing low country boil staff party. Each of these women have taught me something about beer. They know their shit. And it’s people like them who remind me that there’s so much to look forward to in this industry. Sorry/not sorry to those other people.

Words and Photos
by Blake Tyers