Good Beer Hunting

no. 306

If you leave openings in your travel schedule, sometimes they'll fill themselves.

In Copenhagen this week, we bumped into a local friend while walking around the city. With no real plans for the evening, we asked her what she’d recommend—something perhaps off our radar? She mentioned a spot at the far edge of town that was perfect for a summer evening. A long walk later, we found ourselves at La Banchina.
Looking out the rear window of the small, single-room restaurant, her recommendation crystallized clear. The rear of the property sits at the edge of the water. A multi-level pier juts out. Wherever you can squeeze in? That's your seat. There are no waiters, no folded napkins or fancy cutlery. Just bare feet dipping into the water and full bottles of wine grasped at the neck as couples search for a perfect spot. A boat pulls up, docks, and joins the festivities. It all feels like a giant, jovial picnic of perfect strangers.