Good Beer Hunting

no. 261

Air travel has become a notoriously shitty experience. The abundance of herds of people and the germs that they carry, the dearth of patience and personal space, the omnipresence of sweatpants and neck pillows. It’s a far cry from its heyday when flying was an occasion unto itself, a time when folks dressed—and acted—like they were going to church.

For the road-weary traveler, used to sprinting from the cusp of Terminal A all the way to the far reaches Gate E22 to make a tight connection, the seldom-long layover can be a truly #blessed moment. Especially if there’s a good restaurant nearby.

Thankfully, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has such a restaurant: the Ludacris-owned Chicken + Beer. Named for Luda's 2003 album, the new spot, located in Terminal D, delivers precisely on what its name promises. For starters, there are eight taps—plus 14 cans and bottles—of Georgia-made beer. And that means you can use Creature Comforts, Orpheus, Three Taverns, and Wild Heaven to wash down the crawfish fritters, biscuits, succotash, and rosemary tater tots.

Oh, and the fried chicken? It’s so crispy and juicy it's practically a religious experience.

—Kyle Kastranec