Good Beer Hunting

no. 268

I love this guy.

If I had to bet, he wasn’t at Nick's Beer Garden for the band—just for his Pabst Blue Ribbon. But it didn’t take long for him to turn from the bar and notice the grooves emitting from the funky four piece that was playing everything from David Bowie to James Brown.

I expected him to pay for his beer and retreat to the back like the rest of us. Instead, he made a beeline so he could set up shop directly in front of the group.

He broke that unwritten rule, entering the weird, dead zone in front of bands that always exists in small venues. But in doing so, he changed the evening. Soon, others joined—a few couples even started dancing! Finally, it was safe to have fun. He was that guy.

If you’re reading this, buddy? Next PBR is on me.