Good Beer Hunting

no. 254

The first thing you notice about Boston's iconic Bukoswki Tavern is that it's cash only. There are signs everywhere and an ATM placed conveniently in the entryway. The second thing is the darkness. It takes a moment for you eyes to adjust from the relative brightness of the street lamps. The third is the only noticeable source of indoor light: The Wheel of Indecision™.

Devised to help those who can't make up their mind do exactly that, the wheel is a fickle mistress. "Whatever you land on you have to buy," explains Bobby, the bartender at my most recent visit. "Could be something really great. Could be a non-alcoholic beer. To be honest, it's not advised."

When asked how often folks actually take advantage of the wheel, Bobby shakes his head and sighs a dejected, "Too often." Spin at your own risk.

—Kyle Kastranec