Good Beer Hunting

no. 241

Chris Martin is a high school math teacher and part time brewer. In his spare time, he makes 100-liter batches under the Seven Sisters Brewery name. Last week, he ran a beer festival that showcased his beer and the beer of a clutch of his nanobrewing comrades. He’s smiling because a couple of hundred consumers thought his idea was a sound one. They were starting to fill the intimate venue in Stoke Newington, North London, when I caught this grin.

Stoke Newington Beer Festival showcased a handful of brewers that proved that, while the UK has seen an incredible craft brewing boom over the past decade, there’s still plenty more to come. Whether it was a Brett Oak-Aged Saison from Solvay Society or a Raspberry Imperial Stout from Elusive Brewing, the assembled drinkers seemed suitably impressed. Martin’s beer received plenty of praise too—his End of Thyme Herb Saison was one of my personal highlights of the festival.

—Matthew Curtis