Good Beer Hunting

no. 373


Home for the holidays in Baltimore, I recently headed downtown to visit Fervent Few member Zack Kaiser, who does marketing for Diamondback Brewing.

With their juicy Green Machine IPA in hand, Zack walked me through the facility, including the still-under-construction site of their new barrel room. Our tour ended in the taproom just as the team was returning from lunch. Among the crew was Diamondback’s most avid patron, Neal. Clad in a sleeveless lacrosse pinnie, he paused mid-sentence. 

“I’m going to go home and get my guitar.”

He quickly returned, amp and guitar in tow, biting his lip, and sauntering into a series of blues riffs. The larger crowd slowly gave way to smaller groups as people drifted in and out of conversations. Life moves a little slower at Diamondback.