Good Beer Hunting

no. 367


On a snow-covered Sunday afternoon, Notch Brewing in Salem, MA is hosting a holiday market and the taproom is packed. Local vendors showcase their goods in the outdoor biergarten as patrons brave the cold to shop for last-minute gifts. No one seems to mind that it’s crowded—the mood is festive and merry. Seats are hard to come by inside, so when a pair open up, we quickly snag them.

Next to us is a large family spanning multiple generations. The youngest of the bunch is a little girl, no more than two. Constantly smiling, she hustles back and forth between her grandfather and her spot in front of an accordion player filling the room with delightful music. Camped out on a bench with plenty of room to wield his instrument, the musician sips beer from a big, dimpled Maßkrug between songs.

The word “accordion” has origins in German, Italian, and French, deriving its meaning from “accord,” or, "to be in harmony." Nailed it.