Good Beer Hunting

no. 361


I'd never been to New Hampshire before, let alone traveled there specifically for beer. So when I showed up at Deciduous Brewing Company's second anniversary, I didn't know anyone.

But I quickly found my way into a cozy booth in the corner of the warm, homey taproom, joined there by a voracious group of beer enthusiasts who'd traveled from Massachusetts. After a few rounds, the conversation was pogoing in myriad directions: an intense compare and contrast of Tree House and Trillium beers, why the Patriots are simultaneously the greatest and the worst football team of all time, whether Maine's lobster roll or Massachusetts' clam chowder was The Truly Iconic Seafood Dish, on and on it went.

Fast friendships made, our group's discussion was positive, dynamic, and friendly. That is, until one of my new pals pulled out her cell phone and the chatter ceased as she called out her husband. We were having a conversation, dude! Why are you checking in on Untappd?