Good Beer Hunting

no. 353

Other Half.jpg

Eager to see New York City on my very first trip there, I recruited local resident and Fervent Few member, Brad Dulay, to show me some of his favorite beer haunts, including Other Half, a brewery that's recently undergone some major taproom changes.

"I can't understate how small the old one was," Dulay tells me as we arrive at the new space. "Out of the dozens of taprooms I’ve visited across the country, it probably had the least amount of personal space of any them."

There's a television, multiple bathrooms and, of course, a bustling bar with around 20 draft lines of stunning Other Half beer. The overall effect transforms the establishment from a place to get in, get your beer, and get out, into a place of relaxation—one where you can sit down and enjoy a beer with a group of friends.

"In the old taproom it was pretty rare to see someone outside of the normal craft beer demographic," Dulay tells me. "But look, there's a suburban couple holding two iceman pours of juice. It's a whole new world."